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pâte de ver-
re contemporaine



An initial formation in ceramic arts and in industrial design brought us to the work of the glass via the CERFAV and the work as assistant of artist. It was followed by a series of experiences in diverse workshops (Lalique, CIRVA in Marseille). Today, we work the molten glass in our workshop in Lorient, technique using the glass as sculptor's material by process of molding. We guide our work to the creation of unique pieces of art, small series and custom-made works.


biennale of contemporary glass
until 05.05.2019
biennial of glass
musée du verre de Charleroi - Belgique
until 19.05.2019

2008-2018 ... 10 years of creation, meetings, exchanges! For the occasion the pieces of the Fluid glass blowers collective installed in Belle Ile at sea, and the lamps of Pierrick Brocart
From Tuesday 11th to Saturday 22nd! (except Sunday) 10h-12h / 14h-18h